claim a one night stand

& sex someone up@#! xxx.

I wanna sex you up@#!
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This is a community where you can claim anyone to have a one night stand with. Too bad it only lasts one night.. ;D


001. Your claim must be a person. A band member, actor or actress, LJ user, movie or tv character, cartoon, or a friend. You can even claim a bum on the street, if you must [/joke].

002. Each member gets 3 claims. And only 3. However there are some exceptions.

003. If you make an icon, button, banner, or graphic for the community, you get +2 extra claims.

004. If you link us somewhere in your userinfo, you get +1 more claim.

005. Moderators get unlimited claims. Because we are better than you. [/sarcasm]. Mainly because its our community and not yours. & we can just be like that. Oh yeah, and because we're THE HOT SHIT.

006. When stating your claim, please let us know where the person is from. Whether they are a real person, lj user, band member, etc.
[example] I claim ____ from ____

007. No fighting over claims please. If that member claims the person you wanted first, tough luck, its theirs. Unless they give it up. If you disrespect anyone, in anyway, you will be banned.

008. There is no sharing, If the person you want to taken...see above.

009. Please do not state a claim in a comment or an email. Only claims requested in entries will be acknowledged.

010. If you wish to change your claim, please let us know in an entry, so we can take it off the claims list.

011. Advertising is allowed. But don't go overboard.

012. If you decide to leave the community please let us know that you are leaving and who you claimed during your stay. Therefore, we can take them off the list. Thankyou in advance.

013. Before you post a claim please CHECK THE CLAIMS LIST. The list will be updated once a week or so. Sometimes I cannot get around to updating the list, so just check back at the most recent claims.


this community is maintained and moderated by kralice [email]

much love to starjunk_ and ola_mango who started the community